For more information, please contact Jill M. Scibilia, Vice President of Development at (914) 366-3106 or There is no obligation and all information will remain confidential. Below please find resources that will assist in making various kinds of gifts to Phelps Hospital.

Types of bequests

Below are various kinds of bequests as well as sample language for making a bequest specifically to Phelps  Hospital. We recommend consulting with an attorney to ensure your wishes are accurately reflected in your estate plans.

Specific Bequest: bequeaths a designated dollar amount or certain other property (such as a home, art collection, etc.). Gifts of specific properties may be uniquely appropriate bequests both for tax and other reasons.

Percentage Bequest: bequeaths a set percentage, i.e. 5% of the value of the estate, to the charity. A percentage bequest is a good way to ensure that the charity participates in any estate growth during the donor’s lifetime.

Residual Bequest: bequeaths assets that remain after all other specific bequests, death taxes, and estate expenses have been satisfied. The amount received by the charity would be affected by any change (greater or lower) in the value of the estate over time.

Contingent Bequest: bequeaths property only when those named as primary beneficiaries predecease the testator or if the named beneficiaries refuse the bequest provision.

Sample bequest language

Please note that your will or codicil should refer to the legal name of our organization:

Phelps Memorial Hospital Association.

Below are two examples of the many ways to customize a bequest. Existing wills may also be modified to include Phelps Memorial Hospital Association as a beneficiary with the Tax ID# 13-1725076.

A general bequest
I, [name] of [city, state] give, devise and bequeath to Phelps Memorial Hospital Association, located at 701 North Broadway in Sleepy Hollow, NY, $XXX,XXX [or % or description of asset] to be used to support its general purposes.

A bequest for a specific purpose:
I, [name] of [city, state], give, devise and bequeath to Phelps Memorial Hospital Association, located at 701 North Broadway in Sleepy Hollow, NY, rest, residue, and remainder of my estate to be used the activities of the hospice program.

Stock transfer instructions

Below please find information that your investment advisor will need to complete a transfer of securities.

Please be sure to include donor/client name with all stock information. Note that Phelps will issue a receipt for the value of the securities based on the date Phelps receives the gift into its M&T Securities account.


M&T Securities
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Buffalo, NY 14202


Patty Wallaitis
Financial Consultant
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