Same day appointments can be made for urgent health concerns. Contact us at (914) 269-1900.


Please allow up to 48 hours for the office to process a requested referral.


Some insurances may require a pre authorization on selected diagnostic testing, you will be notified when the approval number has been received.

Appointment cancellations

A cancellation fee may be charged if an appointment has been cancelled in less than 24 hours.

Medical records

We will accept and scan important sections of your prior medical records in our office. You can also upload your electronic medical record to the patient portal for easier access. If you would like a copy of your medical record kindly complete our release form (available on this site) and bring it to your physician office. They will validate your identification against your photograph which is retained in our medical record storage system. There is a copy fee of $0.75 per page which is payable at the time of records release.


We process prescriptions electronically (e-prescribe) for your convenience, however patients need to be seen by a physician in order to acquire a prescriptions.

After hours care

We provide an on-call doctor who is available by telephone for any emergency issue. All calls placed after business hours will be routed as necessary by the operator.

Financial policy

You are responsible to pay Phelps Medical Associates at the time of service for all amounts not covered or not paid by your insurer. Such fees may include co-pay, co-insurance, deductible and non- covered services. In the event your insurance company forwards a reimbursement check to you for the medical services we provided, kindly endorse the check and forward it to our billing office. Please notify us of;any change to your insurance coverage.