MyPhelps gives you secure online access to your records

MyPhelps is a completely secure website that allows you to have access to your hospital records, medical history, and other data. You can also use the MyPhelps patient portal to keep track of your dependent’s information. Through MyPhelps, you can have complete control over your medical information. No one will see any of these records unless you want them to.

MyPhelps uses strict security guidelines, so you are in complete control of who sees your information.

What is on MyPhelps:

Hospital stays since 2010
Medical history as shared with the hospital
Test results (except for pathology)
Vital signs upon discharge from the hospital
Medications administered or prescribed
Summary hospital reports
Follow-up appointments

What is NOT on MyPhelps:

Notes from doctors or nurses
Pathology lab results

Please note that your MyPhelps records may contain references to highly sensitive medical information, such as mental health data, HIV status, and drug/alcohol treatment. Please be cautious regarding who you allow to view your information.

Signing up for MyPhelps is simple

A representative from the Admitting team will give you a registration code when you arrive at the hospital for any service. For security reasons, this code will expire after 7 days. You may use it to register for a MyPhelps account.

If you need assistance with registration, or if your code has expired and you need a new one, please call 1-866-761-4325.

You should know: MyPhelps works best with Internet Explorer 9-10, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Internet Explorer 8 is supported through “compatibility mode”. Using other browsers may cause reduced functionality.

Need help registering for MyPhelps? Give us a call. We’re here to help.

Phelps Medical Associates and Northwell Physician Partners have a patient portal, too.

For information about requesting copies of your medical records, you can call the Health Information Management department at (914) 366-3065.

You may request printed copies of your medical records

If you prefer not to use the MyPhelps patient portal, the Medical Records Department (also called the Health Information Management [HIM] department) can also release your medical records to you. You may visit the HIM department at the hospital or request the information by mail or fax. Requests will be processed within 10 business days. There may be a fee associated with your request. Contact the HIM department for more information at (914) 366-3065.

To request your medical records in person, by mail, or by fax, you will need a photo ID and a completed, signed “Release of Information Authorization” form. The form is available in English and Español.

Written requests for printed medical records can be sent to:
Phelps Hospital HIM Department
701 North Broadway
Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591
Fax: (914) 366-1457