Support groups and wellness programs are offered at the hospital and in the community.

Support groups and education

Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support Group:
(800) 272-3900 or (914) 366-3937

Bereavement Support Groups:
(914) 366-3325

Better Breathers Club:
For chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
(914) 366-3712

Cardiovascular Rehab:
(914) 366-3740

CPR Classes:
(914) 366-3166

Diabetes Education Classes for adults:
(914) 366-2270

Group Counseling:
Help with separation & divorce, losses, relationships, family issues, parenting, coping skills
(914) 366-3600

(914) 366-3325

Look Good, Feel Better©:
For women undergoing treatment for cancer. Reservations required;
(914) 366-3315 or (914) 366-3421

Maternity & Baby Classes:
(914) 366-3382

My Sister’s Place:
1-800-298-SAFE (7233)

Osteoporosis Support:
(914) 366-2270

Ostomy Support Group:
3rd Sunday of every month
(914) 366-3395

Physician Referral:
(914) 366-3367

Pulmonary Rehabilitation:
(914) 366-3712

Sleep Well Support Group:
(914) 366-3755

Pastoral care

Pastoral Care is the support service in the hospital devoted to meeting the spiritual needs of patients, their loved ones and staff, whether religious or not. Hospitalization often brings one face-to-face with issues like aging, illness, life transitions, debilitation and dependence, questions about the meaning of life and questions about faith. Who do you talk to about these things?

At Phelps, our staff chaplain and trained volunteers are available to help you reflect on the thoughts and feelings brought on by such life changes. We can help you work through difficult decisions, listen while you reflect on your situation, pray with you and, if desired, contact your clergy or someone from your faith tradition. We do not come with answers; we support you as you seek the answers that will bring peace of mind and heart.

Pastoral Care Services

  • The hospital chaplain is available to visit patients and their loved ones to talk and especially to listen, to pray and to attend to your spiritual needs.
  • The chaplain can administer sacraments to Christians who are not Catholic.
  • Trained multi-faith volunteers make rounds on most patient units to talk and, if desired, to pray with patients and to facilitate religious referrals.
  • A Roman Catholic priest visits most days to administer sacraments and pray with Catholic patients.
  • Roman Catholic Eucharistic Ministers visit the hospital daily to offer Holy Communion to Catholic patients.
  • In case of emergency, on-call clergy in the area are trained and available to respond to the hospital to visit patients regardless of faith tradition.
  • You may want to contact your own clergy or congregation, or wish to speak with someone of your faith tradition. We can make that contact for you.
  • Religious materials such as Bibles, rosary beads and religious literature are available upon request.
  • A prayer line can be easily accessed by dialing 678 from any patient phone to hear a recorded prayer.
  • A year-long intensive training course is available for men and women who would like to serve as pastoral volunteers.

When to call the Chaplain

  • When your hospitalization or that of a loved one brings up fears and concerns and you need to talk about them.
  • Before surgery.
  • When you want to contact community clergy.
  • When you need religious materials.
  • When your illness strains your faith.
  • When you want someone to pray for you or administer sacraments.

How to request pastoral care services

  • Contact the Office of Pastoral Care directly by dialing 679 from any patient phone and leaving a message, or by dialing (914) 366-3090 from outside the hospital.
  • Speak to your nurse or any staff member and ask them to contact the Chaplain.

Pastoral Care Staff

The Reverend Carole Johannsen, M.Div., BCC is the Coordinator of Pastoral Care. She is a multi-faith healthcare chaplain ordained by The Episcopal Church and board certified by the Association of Professional Chaplains. You can contact her at cjohannsen@pmhc.us.

The Chapel

The Phelps Chapel is always open and a welcoming place to meditate or pray. It is a non-denominational sacred space where people of any faith tradition (or none) come to find peace and silence in the busyness of the hospital. It is located on the first floor just past the main elevators and Radiology. Look for the lantern on the wall.