We are committed to offering a pleasant registration process. Therefore, pre-registration is available to all scheduled patients prior to the date of service to expedite the check-in process. After your procedure has been scheduled you may receive a call from the Admitting Department to pre-register. During the pre-registration process, demographic and insurance information is obtained over the telephone. When you arrive at the Hospital, you will go directly to the Department where your test or procedure will take place. Upon arrival, you will be required to sign the required statutory form(s). You will also be asked to supply identification and your insurance cards. Please present identification, insurance card(s) and referrals to the admitting or reception area when you arrive. You will also be required to supply an order or script from your physician.


Ambulatory Surgery

Outpatient registration

Patients who have not pre-registered for outpatient services and diagnostic testing, must first register in the Admitting Office located behind the Information Desk. To ensure smooth registration, please present your identification, insurance cards and any referrals or claim forms when you register. You will be required to sign all appropriate form(s). You will then be directed to the appropriate patient care area.

Inpatient registration

When your physician determines that an overnight stay or longer is required, he/she will make arrangements with the Admitting Department. A representative will then contact you to obtain demographic and insurance information. Upon arrival, you must sign in at the Admitting Office, located by the main entrance of the Hospital, to finalize your admission. Please present your identification, health insurance card(s), and any claim forms. You may be asked to complete and sign the following documents:

  • Consent for Treatment
  • Authorization to Bill Insurance
  • Acknowledgement of Rights