Our interdisciplinary program is prepared to treat a variety of wounds

Some wounds are more difficult to treat than others, but Phelps is prepared for every type and every cause. From diabetes-related skin issues to chronic infections to skin trauma, our interdisciplinary team of doctors at the Wound Healing Institute combines its expertise to produce the best treatment plan for you.

Treatment at the Institute begins with a general assessment of your wound, blood flow and overall health. Our wound care team will use the latest techniques to care for your wound and monitor you closely throughout the treatment process. The team will recommend any measures to safely speed your healing. If you require follow-up visits, then our team will consult with your primary physician to make sure your ongoing care is seamless.

The interdisciplinary team of doctors at our Wound Healing Institute will personalize a care plan for you

John Cappa, DPM, Podiatry
Kenneth A. Goldstein, MD, Vascular Surgery
Christian Guzman, MD, Plastic Surgery
Mahjabeen Hassan, MD, Plastic Surgery
Samuel A. Hoisington, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Frank J. Lattarulo, DPM, Podiatry
Michael H. Miller, MD, Infectious Diseases
Owen J. O’Neill, MD, MPH, FUHM, Hyperbaric Medicine, Internal Medicine
Aditya Rachakonda, MD, Vascular Surgery

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Quality ostomy care can help you live a fulfilled and independent life

Sometimes the best course of treatment for certain digestive system diseases is the most difficult to discuss. Such treatment may include an ostomy, which is an opening in the abdomen that physicians create to expedite waste removal. Our Wound, Ostomy and Continence (WOC) nurses understand the difficulty of undergoing such treatment. They are specially trained to provide compassionate and expert ostomy care for all types of ostomies so you can live with independence and confidence.

In some cases, allowing waste to exit the body requires an artificial opening in the skin. This opening is called a stoma. In addition to ostomies, Phelps provides expert care for stomas. We also provide pre-surgical counseling, post-surgical care, appliance fittings, education for patients and family, and treatment of the surrounding skin.

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Hyperbaric medicine
Hyperbaric medicine can improve the effectiveness of certain wound healing treatments. Our accredited facility offers state-of-the-art care, close to home.