What is robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery is a way of performing an operation using tiny tools that are attached to a robot’s arm. Your doctor uses a camera to view enlarged images of your body on a screen during the procedure and has complete control over the robot. The camera allows your doctor to see the area 10 times better than a person’s normal vision. The robot will match your doctor’s hand movements to precisely complete the procedure. You might also hear robotic surgery be called robot-assisted surgery or minimally invasive surgery.

The camera used for robotic surgery allows your doctor to see the area on your body 10 times better than with normal vision.

How can robotic surgery benefit you?

Robotic surgery allows doctors to have better precision and control during the operation. It also helps your doctor better see the site of surgery. Instead of one large opening, your doctor can operate through a few tiny cuts. This can help lower the risk of infection and will cause smaller scars. Because it is a less invasive procedure, your recovery time may be faster, you may experience less pain, and you may get to go home from the hospital sooner.

Robotic surgery saved 2 lives at once

Hear how the care teams at Phelps and Northern Westchester hospitals used the precision of robotic surgery to help save Gina and her unborn baby girl.

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Phelps Hospital surgeons have extensive experience performing robotic surgery

We’re proud to offer state-of-the-art technology for robotic surgery at Phelps Hospital. The da Vinci Xi® Surgical System has been used for minimally invasive procedures for more than 3 million patients around the world, including many patients right here in Westchester. Our surgeons are specially qualified to use the da Vinci Xi Surgical System and undergo extensive training simulations to master their robotic surgical skills.

More than 3 million people around the world have had robotic surgery with the da Vinci Xi robot.

“When using the da Vinci robot, I’m still the one performing the operation. I’m using the robot as a sophisticated tool to help give you the best operation with a minimally invasive approach.”

- Dr. Darren Rohan

Dr. Darren Rohan is the Westchester Regional Director of the Thoracic Surgery Program and was the first thoracic surgeon in the United States to use the da Vinci Xi system for chest surgery. Dr. Rohan specializes in minimally invasive chest surgery. This includes procedures for lung surgery, esophageal surgery, anti-reflux surgery, and hernia surgery, among others.

What types of surgical procedures use robots?

Robotic surgery with the da Vinci Xi robot is available for these types of procedures at Phelps Hospital:

  • General surgery
  • Gynecologic surgery (women’s reproductive system surgery)
  • Kidney surgery
  • Thoracic surgery (chest surgery)
  • Urologic surgery (urinary-tract system and male reproductive system surgery)

After surgery, you’ll be taken care of by our amazing team of staff physicians, nurses and hospitality staff members to ensure you receive everything you need.