Each child is unique — that’s why we focus on individualized care at Phelps

Phelps pediatricians offer care from birth through adolescence From birth through adolescence, our children deserve the healthiest and happiest lives. No one child is the same as the next. We understand listening is the most important part of pediatric treatment. Our pediatric nurses have the training and passion for getting to know the children in our community and understanding their individual needs.

Inpatient pediatric services

At Phelps, we meet children’s health needs, even if that means staying overnight. We know this can be uncomfortable for some children, so we work hard to provide a comfortable, child-friendly environment. The pediatric unit is equipped with six beds, and trained pediatric specialists prepared to address all health needs.

We place family at the center of our care plan with the goal of returning your child home and getting them back to everyday life. We encourage parents to have full participation in their child’s care. Our pediatric hospitalists get to know individual patients and families to provide personalized and seamless treatment 24/7.

Phelps provides inpatient and outpatient care for pediatric patients

A pediatric hospitalist is a family-focused physician with special expertise in caring for children. They work closely with bedside nurses, pediatric residents, social workers, case managers, and child life specialists to provide coordinated care.

Outpatient physical and occupational therapy for children

We want to help all children reach their full potential. With the help of caring, experienced therapists, we have created a space that allows children with disabilities and injuries to feel secure, develop confidence, and grow.

Our family-focused team at Phelps provides comprehensive evaluations and ongoing therapy to children of all ages to help them restore function and mobility. Our mission is to help children become independent and confident through coordinated treatments and exercise programs.

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Robin's Nest Childcare Center
Robin's Nest offers full-day and part-time care for children aged 8 weeks through preschool. Located on the hospital campus in a building designed specifically to meet the needs of young children, the program offers safe, high-quality facilities for indoor and outdoor play. The center is open from 7 am - 6 pm, Monday-Friday. For more information, call (914) 366-3232 or visit phelpschildcare.org
Pediatric endocrinology and diabetes care

If your child needs an evaluation for diabetes or an endocrine condition—such as a problem with growth, thyroid hormones, puberty, calcium metabolism, or menstruation—we offer compassionate pediatric endocrinology services close to home. We’ll walk you through the process of evaluation, testing, education, support, and treatment, if needed.

Phelps provides inpatient and outpatient care for pediatric patients
Pediatric speech & hearing

The Donald R. Reed Speech & Hearing Center was founded in 1950 and has served the Westchester community ever since. We work with children who have difficulty with language, voice, social communication, feeding, swallowing and more. Together as a community, we provide the best support, education, and therapy for children.

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Kristin Courtney, a Pediatric Speech Pathologist, helped Desi blossom at Phelps.

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