Nutritional counseling at Phelps can improve your health

Eating a healthy diet may slow or even prevent complications related to chronic diseases. Proper nutrition can boost your immune system and, in many cases, prevent you from getting sick. Phelps offers outpatient nutritional counseling for children and adults.

Nutrition is more than a weight loss tactic

Nutritional counseling is an important part of disease management. While part of your treatment may involve reaching a healthier weight, there are other reasons your healthcare provider may refer you to one of our Registered Dietitians.

A targeted diet may help people with certain diseases, possibly allowing them to manage their conditions with less medicine. Sometimes, patients can stop taking medicine altogether, if they continue to follow their nutritional plans.

Conditions that can benefit from a nutritional consult include allergies, gestational diabetes, heart disease, kidney diseases, osteoporosis, irritable bowel diseases, and hormone-related issues.

Bariatric surgery can also be a part of disease or weight management. To get the most out of bariatric surgery, it is important to follow post-surgical nutrition guidelines. Our dietitians are experienced in assisting bariatric patients with adjusting to their new eating requirements. For more information on specific guidelines for eating after weight loss surgery, please refer to our Bariatrics department.

Nutrition is complicated

Learning which combinations of foods work best for your situation may not be easy. Some foods need to be eaten together to provide the best nutrition. Other foods should not be eaten at the same meal, depending on your condition. If you’re sensitive to certain foods, you may need help knowing which ingredients to avoid.

Registered dietitians must have a college degree and pass a licensing exam. Many dietitians have graduate degrees, and some dietitians specialize in nutrition for certain medical conditions. When your provider refers you to a Phelps dietitian, you will receive professional, medically-driven care, customized for your needs.

Give us a call if you’d like help understanding and planning a diet that works for you.

Check out healthy recipes on The Well by Northwell.

If you’re living with diabetes, we’re here for you. We offer Diabetes Education classes for adults. Call (914) 366-2270 for more information.

woman and young boy helping to prepare a healthy salad

Phelps dietitians deliver high-quality, customized care based on your personal health needs and will collaborate with your care team.