Phelps Hospital provides high-quality imaging services for detection of breast cancer and is designated a “Breast Imaging Center of Excellence” by the American College of Radiology’s Commission on Quality and Safety and the Commission on Breast Imaging. This designation means that Phelps breast services have achieved accreditation in mammography, breast ultrasound, stereotactic breast biopsy and ultrasound-guided breast biopsy, and all of these services meet the highest national standards.

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Digital mammography

Digital Mammography complements other diagnostic services that aid in the early detection of breast cancer. This revolutionary imaging technology provides incredibly sharp images.

Digital Mammography uses a special detector to capture and convert x-ray energy into a digital image. The radiologist can view and manipulate the digital images on high resolution computer monitors that enhance visualization of the structures within the breast tissue. They can also adjust the brightness and contrast as well as zoom in on specific areas of interest to help detect small calcifications, masses, and other changes that may be early signs of cancer.

To supplement this technology, Phelps has incorporated digital Computer Aided Detection (CAD). This software flags abnormalities to help the radiologist detect early signs of breast cancer. In essence, CAD is a second set of eyes to support and enhance the radiologist’s diagnosis. We also offer a digital stereotactic system that aids the surgeon during breast biopsy procedures.

3D Mammography:
Phelps has both 2D and 3D mammography. While 2D mammography is still one of the most advanced technologies available today, it is only a 2-dimensional picture of the breast. The breast is a 3-dimensional object composed of different structures, such as blood vessels, milk ducts, fat, and ligaments. 3D mammography (also known as breast tomosynthesis) is the latest technology in breast imaging that uses computer technology to convert digital breast images into a stack of very thin layers or “slices”– building what is essentially a “3-dimensional mammogram” that allows doctors to examine your breast tissue one layer at a time.

3D Mammography is available at the Breast Imaging Center at the hospital as well as at Phelps Radiology in Croton-on-Hudson and Phelps Radiology in Dobbs Ferry.


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