Why mammography?

Beating breast cancer begins with early detection when the chances of curing the disease or treating it with breast-conserving therapies are greatest. And early detection begins with regular mammograms.

A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast. Routine mammography checks for breast cancer even if you have no sign or symptom of disease. Diagnostic mammography analyzes symptoms you already have: a lump, nipple discharge, thickening of the skin of the breast, pain in the breast, or a change in your breast’s size or shape. It may also evaluate changes or abnormalities that routine screening has detected.

Once you turn 40, your doctor will talk with you about your choice to begin annual mammograms to screen for breast cancer. Studies show that regular mammograms can reduce the risk of death from breast cancer for women ages 40 to 74. That’s why Phelps’ Breast Imaging Center recommends regular screening, as do most major health organizations, including the American Cancer Society and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Although a yearly mammogram is typical, ask your doctor how frequently you should have one.

Have annual mammograms beginning at age 40 to reduce your breast cancer risk.

The compassionate team at Phelps uses the latest digital mammography technology

Phelps is a designated “Breast Imaging Center of Excellence”

Phelps’ Breast Imaging Center has the prestigious “Breast Imaging Center of Excellence” designation from the American College of Radiology’s Commission on Quality and Safety, and the Commission on Breast Imaging. This means we meet the highest national standards in mammography, breast ultrasound, stereotactic breast biopsy, ultrasound-guided breast biopsy, breast MRI, and breast MRI biopsy.

We offer services in Sleepy Hollow, Croton-on-Hudson, and Dobbs Ferry. Each location offers 3D mammography, music, and comfortable terrycloth robes for patients. Our technologists are registered with the American Registry of Radiological Technologists, and our radiologists are board-certified with specialized training, and thousands of hours of dedicated, diagnostic experience. With expertise and compassion, they will interpret your scans and quickly send the report to your physician for follow-up.

You’ll find the latest state-of-the-art, 3D mammography technology

The Breast Imaging Center uses the latest 3D mammogram technology, which produces precise diagnostic images of the breast. This innovative technology can identify the tiniest, potentially cancerous changes. It allows our radiologists to view and manipulate images on high-resolution computer monitors that clearly define all the structures within the breast tissue. It also allows them to adjust brightness, contrast, and to zoom in on specific areas to detect small calcifications, masses, and other changes that could indicate early signs of cancer.

MRI technician reviewing scans on computer

To supplement this technology, we also use Computer Aided Detection (CAD) software, which can pick up the tiniest signs of pre-cancerous activity.

Our revolutionary approach

Since the breast is a three-dimensional object with blood vessels, milk ducts, fat, and ligaments, we can complement our use of 2D technology with state-of-the-art 3D mammography (also known as breast tomosynthesis), which uses low-dose X-rays and computer reconstruction to create three-dimensional images of the breast.

This “3-dimensional mammogram” reduces the risk of producing images that overlap and mistakenly creating the appearance of an abnormality that doesn’t exist. Instead, it allows our radiology technologists to capture multiple images of each breast from many different angles, without obscuring abnormalities. These high-accuracy images enable your doctor to thoroughly examine your breast tissue one layer at a time.

Research shows that combining 2D and 3D mammography for screening exams increases the sensitivity of cancer detection by up to 40%, while reducing by 20-40% the need to have you return for additional scans.

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