Hyperbaric medicine can enhance a variety of medical treatments

Our Department of Hyperbaric medicine specializes in Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) therapy, a unique solution for hard-to-treat health problems. HBO therapy is a well-established treatment for serious infections, air bubbles in blood vessels, and diabetes- or radiation-related wounds that won’t heal. It also treats decompression sickness, a potential hazard of scuba diving.

A hyperbaric medicine specialist will determine your eligibility for treatment and update your primary care doctor on your progress. Contact us for a consultation by calling (914) 366-3690.

How does hyperbaric medicine work?

During HBO therapy, you sit in a pressurized chamber (the pressure is 2.5 times the normal atmospheric pressure) and breathe pure oxygen, increasing the amount of oxygen in your blood. This influx of oxygen helps new blood vessels to develop and deliver more oxygen to the structures of your body, particularly damaged tissue and wounds. Increased oxygen can speed up the healing process, activate infection-fighting white blood cells and improve the effectiveness of antibiotics.

The hyperbaric chamber at Phelps is the largest model in the northeastern U.S.––28 feet long and nine feet wide––large enough to accommodate 12 adults. It is more comfortable than single-person chambers and allows your treatment team to join you inside. Its double-lock chamber allows the entrance to compress and decompress independently of the main chamber, so doctors and other healthcare professionals can enter and exit without interrupting the treatment process.

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The Phelps Hyperbaric medicine Department was recognized with distinction for meeting the highest treatment and facility standards by the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society.

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Hyperbaric Medicine Center Hours

Monday – Friday
7am – 4pm

A member of the Hyperbaric Medicine Center team is with you throughout your treatment

Your specialist will design a personalized treatment plan based on your diagnosis. Treatments typically last 90 minutes and occur five days per week. Many patients experience fullness inside the ear or popping of the ears, but this normally dissipates soon after a treatment ends and resolves with yawning or swallowing.

Our large, state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamber provides a comfortable environment for treatment and allows your hyperbaric care team to accompany you in the chamber.

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Meet our Founding Medical Director of Hyperbaric Medicine

Owen J. O’Neill, MD, MPH, FUHM