Standing ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a highly trained staff of Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians and Nurses provide compassionate definitive diagnostic services and treatment in Phelps’ Emergency Department to approximately 27,000 people each year. The state-of-the-art facility with 32 private rooms was designed to ensure privacy and comfort. Children are treated in a separate pediatric section, which features a playroom.

There are designated treatment rooms for specialized services, including critical care, gynecology, psychiatry, orthopedics, dentistry, minor surgery, and eye, ear, nose and throat. There is also a 24-hour radiology suite with digital x-ray technology and a 64-slice scanner with cardiac capabilities.

Upon entering, patients are triaged and then brought directly to a private patient room where they are registered. Patients with less serious conditions are brought to the PromptCare area of the Emergency Department. Usual and customary Emergency Department fees apply for treatment administered in PromptCare.

All patients are evaluated by a physician.

The Phelps Emergency Department is serviced by the ambulance corps of Ardsley, Briarcliff, Chappaqua, Cortlandt, Croton, Dobbs Ferry, Elmsford, Greenburgh, Irvington, Mohegan, Montrose, Mount Pleasant, Ossining, Peekskill, Pleasantville, Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, Thornwood, Valhalla and Verplank.

Phelps Emergency Department

701 North Broadway
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Prompt Care is part of the Emergency Department, and the usual Emergency Department fees, co-pays and deductibles apply. All patients are screened by the triage nurse who determines if treatment in Prompt Care is appropriate for the patient. Prompt Care is NOT an URGENT CARE FACILITY.

Emergency preparedness

Phelps made in-depth reviews of emergency preparedness operations and began construction of a free-standing Decontamination Unit in 2001 and conducted the first biological and chemical decontamination drill in Westchester County in November of that year.

Today, the Phelps Emergency Department has a Decontamination Suite where people who are contaminated can be brought directly through a door from the outside. Each of the two decon rooms has a ventilation system that is separate from the hospital’s system. A patient can be decontaminated in one of the decon rooms and then brought into the Emergency Department for treatment with confidence that any threat of contaminating other patients in the Emergency Department has been eliminated.

Phelps follows the Hospital Emergency Incident Command System, which minimizes confusion or chaos that might occur in the event of a local disaster. Phelps staff members have been assigned and trained to carry out specific duties in the event that a disaster causes the community to seek care in large numbers or a crisis affects the ability of the hospital to operate normally. The staff is also trained to disseminate information about local mass emergencies, as well as radiological, biological, and chemical events.

As one of the closest hospitals outside the 10-mile “safety zone” surrounding Indian Point, Phelps has had an agreement with Entergy (formerly New York Power Authority) under which annual training sessions and radiological decontamination exercises have been held for Phelps’ staff and community agencies for more than 35 years.

Life support training

The Hoch Center for Emergency Education provides training and education programs to medical professionals, emergency responders (Police, Fire, EMS), corporations, and the public. Programs include basic and advanced EMS certification courses, community CPR and First Aid courses, advanced medical education programs including ACLS & PALS, hazardous materials medical response training, camp medical programs and specialty emergency medical education programs.

The Hoch Center offers students true-to-life medical and trauma care simulation training where participants can fine tune their emergency care skills. Instructor controlled mannequins give students a nearly real-life experience in providing treatment for various conditions. Each scenario is audio and video recorded for a facilitator-led debriefing. There is also a simulated ambulance that EMS students use to practice loading and unloading a 150-pound mannequin and experience what it is like to provide medical treatment within the confines of the vehicle.

The staff at the Hoch Center, with their state-of-the-art facility and technology, can also design and conduct custom training programs to meet the needs of the medical community at all levels.

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Phelps Emergency Department
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