The Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center is designed for those who have coronary artery disease; have had a heart attack, angina, stent placement, transplant or by-pass surgery.

Cardiac Rehab Program:
Each patient is assigned to a class and attends three times per week for a total of 36 sessions. Participants exercise based on an individualized medical exercise prescription. Classes are held Monday through Friday, 7am – 7pm.

Phelps Wellness Center:
The Wellness Center is designed for exercise under medical supervision. Each person is assigned a permanent one hour time slot for exercise. Participants are taught to understand their response to exercise by monitoring and recording their pulse and blood pressure. The cost to exercise at the Wellness Center varies, based on the number of times per week a person attends.

Monday – Friday 7am – 7pm

Diet and exercise

In the Cardiac Rehab Program, our goal is to maximize each person’s aerobic capacity through regular exercise. A personalized exercise program is developed based on your individual medical condition and current state of physical fitness. Each person wears a non-restrictive telemetry pack for continuous observation of the heart before, during, and after exercise. Blood pressure and pulse rates are checked periodically. A registered nurse is in constant attendance for exercise supervision, cardiac monitoring, and cardiac education.

A registered dietician meets with each new monitored patient for a private comprehensive diet evaluation and periodically hosts an open lecture with a question & answer period.

Phased approach

Phase One: In-Hospital Recovery
The period immediately following a cardiac event involving in-hospital recovery.

Phase Two: Cardio Conditioning
The conditioning phase is twelve weeks (36 sessions). In order to achieve the desired effect, attendance three times per week is advisable.

Phase Three: Cardio Health Maintenance
The third phase is a maintenance or a home program. During the maintenance program, at least three sessions a week are recommended. This phase can be completed in a community gym, at home or in the Phelps Wellness Program. For the home program, walking or using an ergometer bicycle three or four times a week is suggested.

There is a fee associated with each phase of the program. Most insurance companies and Medicare pay the charge for Phase Two cardiac rehabilitation. For more information, call (914) 366-3740 or (914) 366-3742.


Your physician must refer you for participation in the Cardiac Rehab Program. Your physician need not be affiliated with Phelps. A treadmill stress test must be conducted within no more than six months prior to starting the program. The information enables our professional staff to design an exercise program specifically for you. An exercise program will be written for you, and we will call you to discuss a time for your attendance.


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Monday – Friday
7 am – 7 pm