Rest assured that our expert team creates a comprehensive care plan for you, and coordinates your treatment

Our first priority at the Northwell Health Cancer Institute at Phelps is to make sure that all of our cancer patients feel supported and receive perfectly coordinated care. When you choose to be treated at Phelps, you become part of our family, which means we will get to know you and provide all the services you need.

Your treatment journey at Phelps will begin with one of our expert medical oncologists. The Medical Oncology team will be your main point of contact, and your doctor will coordinate all of your other treatments and services from here, including consultation with other Northwell specialists if needed. Your oncologist can quickly make appointments for imaging, surgery, infusion services, and arrange for other treatment and support programs based on your care plan.

“We are thankful for our patients who are trusting us with their care. Our team will ensure you and your family have everything you need.”

- Dr. Anna W. Komorowski, medical oncologist

Our onsite infusion center offers a comfortable environment for treatment

Our multidisciplinary cancer care team at Phelps is skilled in treating a wide range of cancers and other disorders. We offer a variety of therapies and services right here in our state-of-the-art facility:

Chemotherapy (“chemo”)
The use of drugs to kill or slow the growth of cancer cells—this is a standard treatment and may be used in combination with radiation, surgery, or other treatment options. It can consist of a combination of medications or just one, depending on your specific condition.

Uses the cells, antibodies, and organs of your body’s immune system to fight cancer, just like they would normally protect you against bacteria and viruses. This may also be referred to as biologic therapy, biological response modifier therapy, or biotherapy.

Hormone Therapy
Some cancers, like breast and prostate cancer, are dependent on certain hormones to grow. This treatment involves taking medications that stop production of these hormones or interfere with their activity.

Targeted Therapies
Involves drugs that block cancer from growing and spreading by interfering with specific molecules that aid in tumor growth. These drugs attack only cancer cells and usually have fewer side effects than chemotherapy.

Genetic Counseling
A genetic counselor helps you and your family to understand your risk of inherited cancer, and can provide information on prevention and treatment.

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As a testament to our quality of care, we have been designated as a Community Cancer Program by the Commission on Cancer.

Clinical cancer trials will be available at Phelps Hospital beginning in 2019.

patient at the infusion center
See our Infusion center
Our state-of-the-art infusion center ensures you are comfortable while receiving treatment.
We have the resources to care for all of your needs, so you can stay close to home

The medical oncology staff will help to identify your needs outside of treatment and coordinate support services such as transportation, community resources, nutritionists, reimbursement or financial support, etc. Your Patient Navigator will be in contact on a regular basis to ensure that you are feeling well and that all of your questions are answered.

We pride ourselves on providing a tranquil, restful, intimate treatment environment to promote healing and reduce stress. We want you to feel as comfortable as you would if you were home. The Cancer Institute works to provide services and amenities we think may be helpful to our patients, including music therapy, pet therapy, and cold caps for chemotherapy, to name a few.

Dr. Anna Komorowski and the team in the medical oncology department at Phelps will coordinate your care throughout your cancer treatment journey.
Expert oncologists at Phelps Hospital participate in a multidisciplinary tumor board to discuss patient cases and determine the best approach to treatment.
Backed by the resources of Northwell Health

Our Cancer Institute is part of Northwell Health, one of the largest integrated health systems in the country. Northwell offers a comprehensive cancer program that gives our patients access to world-renowned specialists in both rare and common conditions as well as specialized treatments. Our team participates in multidisciplinary tumor boards to discuss cases with specialists across the network.