Phelps Hospital is pleased to present its inaugural lecture at Powerhouse Gym Nanuet. Even the slightest back pain can interfere with your favorite activities—but you don’t have to let it. Join Dr. Stephen Thorp at our upcoming seminar on spine health—Maintaining a Healthy Back: Causes, Diagnoses and Treatment Options—to learn about: Common and uncommon causes […]
Functional Medicine Program is a holistic, patient-centered approach to preventing, treating, and reversing chronic disease by identifying and understanding the root causes of the individual’s symptoms and conditions, including genetic predispositions, environmental contributors, and lifestyle factors. Using this model, Dr. Stephen Thorp, M.D., will provide a monthly lecture on how individuals can manage and treat […]
Join us for our third lecture in our Orthopedic series. This event will focus on how to maintain healthy bones and joints as we age, causes, diagnoses and treatments. Don’t let aging bones and joints stop you from enjoying the activities you love. Learn how you can better manage complications and the different treatment options […]
Get the emotional support you need from others and learn more about treatment options to help alleviate symptoms and increase the quality of your life. 1st Tuesday of the month 9:00am 755 Building, Room 545. Call 914-366-3937 to register.
This presentation will discuss the legal and financial considerations to be made when deciding to take your Social Security Benefits and emphasize the importance of proper timing. Many Americans think Social Security is simple and straightforward, but often it is not. Just recently, the bipartisan budget act made some significant changes to Social Security laws […]
1st Wednesday of the month Mind Games is a fun way for seniors to stimulate various cognitive functionsmemory, problem-solving, and focus. If you are having trouble remembering things or feel that you are easily confused, come join the fun! 2:00 – 3:30pm Boardroom/”C” level Call 914-366-3937 to register
Keeping Sabbath: Does the Fourth Commandment make sense when there’s never enough time? 9:00am 755 Building, Room 545 Call 914-366-3937 to register.
The Breakfast Club includes a free breakfast, a presentation on a healthy lifestyle topic and a light exercise program. The group meets monthly. 8:30 – 10:30am Phelps Cafeteria Call 914-366-3937 to register.
Osteoporosis Education and Support Program is for people concerned about bone loss and fractures. Physicians, therapists and dietitians meet to discuss risk factors, causes, proper body mechanics and medication options. 10:30am Boardroom/”C” level Call 914-366-3937 to register.
The Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support Group is presented in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association. Group members receive the emotional, educational and social support needed to successfully care for someone with dementia. 2nd Friday of the month 10:00am 755 Building, Suite 545 Call 914-366-3937 to register.