Understanding Opiates

Phelps Hospital, Northwell Health, proudly presented an informative talk about managing joint pain. Dr. Yili Huang speaks about how our bodies recognize pain, how opiates work in your body, and why opiates can cause problems.
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Physical Therapy Options

Phelps Hospital’s Manager of Acute Rehab, Matt Landfield, discusses the different physical therapy options available at Phelps Hospital for patients with arthritis or joint pain.
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Innovative Surgical Techniques

Investments in technologies such as the DaVinci robot allow for less invasive and more precise procedures.
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Calendar of Events
Join in on the Fun & Fitness! Event Kicks off at 10am Adults 55+ are invited to a day of free activities and athletic challenges for all levels of fitness.
A quick guide to helping families choose their provider and place of birth based on the type of experience they envision or need; evidence-based practices during labor; understanding the birth “culture” of a hospital; discussing the frequent questions “Do I need a birth plan? Do I need a doula?”; informed consent.
Are you suffering from persistent knee pain? While some aches and pains are temporary, some can be long lasting and may require joint replacement surgery. Don’t let knee pain interfere with the activities you love. Join us for our second in a series of lectures on joint pain.
You are cordially invited to attend a grand ribbon cutting and celebration of the completion of the first phase of Phelps Hospital’s major modernization campaign. September 26th under the big tent in our parking lot at 701 North Broadway, Sleepy Hollow Tour our brand new cancer institute, our state-of-the-art unit of new private in-patient hospital rooms, and our technology showcase.
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