Your charitable gifts help us provide the best care to our community

Phelps owes its success and decades-long legacy to the incredibly generous friends and members of the community who have supported it over the years. Their efforts have been key to helping us to serve those in need in the Hudson Valley. If you would like to show your support for Phelps Hospital with a donation or another form of financial support, there are a number of ways to give back.

On behalf of all of our patients, current and future, who will benefit from your generous gift, we offer our sincere gratitude.

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.

- Charles Dickens
phelps doctor showing compasion, holding patient hands.

Your generosity at work

Over the years, Phelps has benefited from the contributions of countless individual donors, foundations, and businesses. It is only through their commitment to our community that we are able to provide the quality of care that is our standard here at Phelps.

Donor support at Phelps has helped us to:

  • Form a collaboration between the Hoch Center for Emergency Education and the Ossining Volunteer Ambulance Corps (OVAC), to provide training and equipment to local emergency services
  • Expand the Donald R. Reed Speech and Hearing Center to accommodate more patients, professional areas, and new technologies; this project was supported in part by a special bequest
  • Fund a program to test the viability of telehealth medicine; supported by a grant from one of our donors, in memory of her husband
  • Expand and develop new initiatives for Phelps Hospice, such as our palliative care program
Interested in learning more about donations or planned gifts?

Our development team can help answer your questions.

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Consider donating your time

Volunteers play a very important role in making Phelps a more friendly, caring, and comforting place. Call us at (914) 366-3170 to learn more.

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Ways to give

You may donate to Phelps Hospital by mailing a check to:

Phelps Hospital
One Phelps Lane
Suite 106
Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591

Please make checks payable to Phelps Hospital. You may also donate online

If you have investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other securities, you may make a transfer to Phelps Hospital. You may qualify for significant tax benefits by using this option. Please inquire with your investment advisor.

M&T Securities
285 Delaware Avenue
suite 2000
Buffalo, NY 14202

Patty Wallaitis
Financial Consultant
(800) 724-2120
(716) 654-4831

Phelps Memorial Hospital Center

DTC Number: 0043

Please include the donor/client name as well as stock information. Phelps Hospital will issue a receipt for the value of the securities on the date that the gift is received in our M&T Securities account.

If you own or have inherited residential, commercial, or undeveloped real estate, you can save a significant amount on income or estate taxes by making a gift to Phelps Hospital. Real estate gifts can also provide a charitable income tax deduction, and there is no capital gains liability. Please consult with your professional advisors.

If you want to make a donation to Phelps while also ensuring that you receive regular income, a charitable gift annuity is a good option for you. In exchange for a gift from the annuitant, or donor, the qualified charity (Phelps) pays a fixed income stream in quarterly installments for life. Part of these payments is tax-free, and the charitable income tax deduction is typically 30-50% of the gift amount, depending on the age of the donor.

The minimum gift for a charitable gift annuity is $10,000 in cash or appreciated stock.

For donors looking to make a gift to Phelps that will really last, you may want to think about a charitable remainder trust. This trust creates income (interest) based on the value of the donated property. With this type of gift, capital gains tax can often be avoided or postponed, and a portion of your gift will be eligible for an income tax deduction. Capital gains and dividend income may tax be taxed more favorably than other income.

  • Charitable remainder annuity: pays fixed income based on the value of assets at the time of the trust’s creation
  • Charitable remainder unitrust: pays fluctuating income based on the trust’s annual value
  • The Annual Fund: this is the main core of our fundraising efforts, and provides unrestricted funds for facility upgrades, new technology, and better patient care
  • Tribute Gifts: make a gift to the hospital in honor of (IHO) or in memory of (IMO) a loved one, or in appreciation of a hospital employee (IAO)
  • Matching Gifts: Some employers will match your charitable contribution to Phelps. Please enquire with your HR department to find out if your company will match your gift

To learn about planned gifts and including Phelps in your estate plans, read about the Anson Phelps Society here.

You can include Phelps in your estate plans by including us as a beneficiary of your estate, otherwise known as a bequest. This can be added as a codicil to an existing will, or included when you decide to create one. There are several types of bequests:

Specific Bequest: for designated dollar amount or other property (real estate, art, etc.)

Percentage Bequest: for giving a set percentage of the estate (i.e. 5%). This ensures that the charity will benefit from growth in the estate during the donor’s life

Residual Bequest: for assets that remain after all other bequests, death taxes, and other expenses. This is also affected by any change in the estate’s value over time.

Contingent Bequest: for giving property only when the primary beneficiaries predecease the donor or refuse their bequest

To make a bequest to Phelps, please consult with your attorney to make sure that your wishes are reflected in your will. Here are some examples of the language for including Phelps in your estate plans. Please be sure to use the legal name of our organization as included in these samples.

General Bequest:

I, [name] of [city, state] give, devise and bequeath to Phelps Memorial Hospital Association, located at 701 North Broadway in Sleepy Hollow, NY, $XXX,XXX [or % or description of asset] to be used to support its general purposes.

Bequest for Specific Purpose:

I, [name] of [city, state], give, devise and bequeath to Phelps Memorial Hospital Association, located at 701 North Broadway in Sleepy Hollow, NY, rest, residue, and remainder of my estate to be used the activities of the hospice program.

You may also include Phelps as a beneficiary using Tax ID #13-1725076.

If you think that you may have funds from a retirement account that will not be used by you or a loved one, you can designate Phelps Hospital as the final beneficiary. Your plan administrator will give you the proper forms upon request, and you can allocate a specific amount or percentage if you wish.

You can choose this option whether you have an employer-sponsored plan, an IRA, or a combination thereof.

If you come to find that the proceeds from your life insurance coverage are no longer needed, you can name Phelps as a beneficiary of all or a portion of funds that will not be used for their original purpose.

If you do not yet have a life insurance policy, you can start one with Phelps included as a beneficiary and garner tax benefits right away. You may also transfer ownership of an existing policy, even if you are still paying premiums. In both cases, future premiums can be tax-deductible.

The Anson Phelps Society

Anson Phelps was an American author, civil rights activist, and selfless philanthropist. Our hospital is named for this original owner of the property that first housed the Phelps Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. The Anson Phelps Society was created in his honor, and its members are supporters of our hospital who have shown their incredible dedication to philanthropy by including us in their estate plans.

Members of this community are officially recognized in our Annual Report, as well as at our President’s Reception. They also receive our Anson Phelps Society newsletters. Previous gifts from society members have supported the Hospice Patient Care Fund, Emergency Medical Services, and provided general support to our hospital.

Here are some of the ways in which you can include Phelps in your lasting legacy. Remember, you do not have to be wealthy to plan a gift to Phelps. We welcome gifts of all sizes.

For more information, or to let us know that you have included Phelps in your estate plans, please contact Jill Scibilia, Director of Development at (914) 366-3106 or You may also inquire about Naming Opportunities for programs and facilities, and Donor Designated Funds for specific areas within the hospital. Your information is confidential, and there is no obligation from calling.

Support Phelps by attending our events

Phelps hosts a number of special events every year that help us to fund the quality healthcare and services we provide to our community. Some of our most popular events include the Champagne Ball, the Phelps Classic, and our Food, Wine, and Beer Fest. For more information on our events and how you can contribute, whether you are a donor or corporate sponsor, please visit our event website.