The Hoch Center for Emergency Education provides a full range of emergency training and education programs to paramedics, EMTs, fire and police departments and other emergency healthcare professionals.

The staff at the Hoch Center, with their state-of-the-art facility and technology, can also design and conduct custom training programs to meet the needs of the medical community at all levels.

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Hoch Center for Emergency Education

755 North Broadway, Suite 200
Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591

Emergency education programs

Programs offered at the Hoch Center for Emergency Education include basic and advanced EMS certification courses, community CPR and First Aid courses (including Heartsaver First Aid and Family & Friends CPR), advanced medical education programs including ACLS & PALS, hazardous materials medical response training, camp medical programs and specialty emergency medical education programs.

The Hoch Center offers custom courses for groups of six or more.

Below are current schedules for ACLS, PALS and EMT original and refresher courses:

ACLS Original Courses
ACLS Refresher Courses
PALS Original Courses
PALS Refresher Courses
EMT Original Courses
EMT Refresher Courses
EMT Original – Summer 2019
Neonatal Resuscitation Course
Paramedic Refresher Courses 


Simulated training

The Center offers students true-to-life medical and trauma care simulation training where participants can fine tune their emergency care skills. Instructor-controlled mannequins give students a nearly real-life experience in providing treatment for various conditions.

There is a simulated ambulance that EMS students use to practice loading and unloading a 150-pound mannequin and experience what it is like to provide medical treatment within the confines of the vehicle.

Students have access to the most realistic, risk-free learning experience available today.The lifelike computerized mannequins can be programmed to “experience” a variety of medical conditions, such as constricted airways or cardiac problems, allowing students to develop a broad base of crisis experience.

For example, students can inject a “drug” into the mannequin in exactly the same way they would do on a live patient and observe the mannequin’s true-to-life reaction. If the student injects too much or too little, the mannequin demonstrates what the outcome of the treatment is.

Just as an airline pilot learns to handle emergencies in the air by training on a flight simulator, students are able to learn how to safely handle crises they may not see every day.

Each scenario is audio and video recorded for a facilitator-led debriefing at which the instructor offers positive reinforcement by pointing out what was done well and helps students identify what could have been done differently. Having been through these scenarios, the students will remember when the real situation occurs, and their patients will benefit from that experience.


Hoch Center for Emergency Education
755 North Broadway
Suite 200
Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591
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